I am delighted to announce the Treckonia migration is now finished! I have moved the website onto a hosted WordPress server, in order to give me more freedom when it comes to organising the website. As you can see, different worlds are now directly on the menu bar, with their books in drop down menus. Each world now has its own page with blurbs for all the books; clicking on a book from the drop down menu will give you all the chapters from it going from beginning to end.

On another note, I can now reveal more about the super secret project I have been working on. I am working on a visual novel that takes place in Mesopia, The game will involve investigation elements, and could be compared to the likes of Ace Attorney and Danganronpa. While I cannot make any guesses on the release date as of now, I can assure you that it won’t be until at least Q3 2020. I will be releasing more information about it in due course, so watch this space.