Mesopian Federal Police Reports Section 76: Regarding the terror cell whose members are alleged to be ‘Anti-Immortals’, Or, MFPR: 76-AI

Deliver Immediately to 1st Councillor Samantha

Security Level: Highly Confidential. For Addressee’s eyes only

December 30th, Year 899

The ‘Anti-Immortals’ are a group who now threaten the very security and peace of Mesopia. All police attempts to capture or stop them by force have failed, and they are more unpredictable and dangerous than any group we have seen before.

Its members are 8 people, whom I have attached separate documents for, stating firstly how they came to the attention of the Borough police agents, and the disorder and mayhem that they have been causing, both individually and collectively. It is believed that they formally formed their group on June 15th, Year 899. This date coincides with the conclusion of the infamous Edwards Vs Justice Borough criminal trial, the first successful overruling of an automated prosecution in well over 50 years. I highly doubt that this is a coincidence, but I have yet to find the connection.

While they are the only people whom are part of the group, large scale riots and demonstrations have started on the back of the growing awareness of this group, particularly in Justice and Integrity boroughs. It is unclear at this moment whether they are in fact connected to the group or simply using its name as a way to attract attention.

As a side note, the documents I have attached regarding the 8 ‘AIs’ have been written in a narrative form. I believed it would be easier for you to discern the motivation behind the actions of these people, something that no member of my nor any Borough police agents have been able to discover.

As you know, I have superseded all protocol regarding matters that the Federal Police cannot handle. I do not believe that the Army has any capability to handle this matter, and I know for a fact that my section has exhausted all abilities to handle this matter. Nor do I believe that your personal section would be suited to a matter this great. This is the reason I passing it directly to you.

If you require any auxiliary support regarding this do not hesitate to contact me. I fear, however, that any auxiliary methods you might be thinking of would not be effective against this group. I do however ask in the firmest sense that you do not tell either the army nor any other members of my section – in order to prevent any information leaking to the press, we must keep this matter strictly between us.

I am sure under your leadership that we will be able to solve this issue. Until you respond, I will do my upmost efforts to disperse any and all conversation within my section regarding this.


Mesopian Federal Police Chief Commissioner Micheal Wright