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Migration finished

I am delighted to announce the Treckonia migration is now finished! I have moved the website onto a hosted WordPress server, in order to give me more freedom when it comes to organising the website. As you can see, different worlds are now directly on the menu bar, with their books in drop down menus….

Website Migration

Hi all, sorry everything been’s quiet for a long time. Things have been really busy for myself and the rest of the Treckonia team, partially thanks to life but also thanks to a super-secret project I am working on. That will be revealed in time – what I can say is that Treckonia is going…

Discord Nitro giveaway

Hello all! Treckonia is holding a #giveaway ! Simply head on over to and go to the giveaways channel to enter for a chance to win 1 month of Discord Nitro! If we get at least 100 people entered, it’ll be raised to 3 months, so share with everyone you can!

Discord Server

Good afternoon all! I am delighted to announce that we now have a discord server for writers and readers alike! Head on over to to have a look!  

New team members

Morning everyone, I am delighted to announce our 3 new members of the Treckonia team! Gabriel and Walter will be joining the writing team, whilst Bria will be our new editor / proof reader. That’s all for now, but expect the next chapter of Birras to be published today.

The Chronicles Begin

Welcome to The Treckonia Chronicles. A massive fantasy world, filled with endless possibilities. Treckonia is made of many areas, each with its own timeline and characters. Everyone and anyone is invited and welcome to contribute to these worlds, and perhaps even design their own. As I’ve just setup the website, it’s going to be clunky…